Can I facade my oven?

Yes. You can facade your Wood Stone oven. Wood Stone Home ovens adapt beautifully to any decor, from the modern elegance of stainless steel or custom facades that can include brickwork, stonework or an amazing array of built-in options. A Wood Stone oven can transform your kitchen from a behind-the-scenes food preparation area into an entertainment hub where you’ll be proud to welcome others.

Can it go inside/outside?

Yes. Wood Stone Home ovens are designed to be installed indoors or out.  Whether you install a Wood Stone Home oven in your current kitchen, plan one in your next home, or decide on a kitchen addition (indoors or outdoors), a Wood Stone oven can make that kitchen a visual and culinary showpiece in your home.

Can it be wood/gas/both?

Wood Stone ovens can operated with gas, wood or a combination of both.  Whether you are looking for an all wood-fired oven or would like to cook with natural gas or propane, we have you covered.

How is it vented?

Wood Stone oven venting recommendations vary on whether you are installing your oven indoors or outdoors. Please visit our ventilation recommendation page for additional info.

How is the oven shipped?

Wood Stone has over 20 years of experience shipping ovens directly to customers from our factory in Bellingham, WA. All of our ovens come in one piece delivered to your home on a flat bed truck. No kits or assembly required.

Where can I see the oven?

Want to see an oven?  No problem.  We welcome you to visit our factory in Bellingham, WA to experience our ovens first hand. We also have a handful of residential cooking sites across the U.S.   If visiting the factory isn’t possible – good news –  we have thousands of commercial installations around the world and chances are, there is a Wood Stone oven cooking great food in a neighborhood near you.

Why is it so much more expensive than other ovens on the market?

Our ovens are generally more expensive than our competitors but if you cook in one of our ovens, you will see why.  Our residential ovens are built with the same construction and durability as our commercial ovens.  They are high quality and made from the finest components.  There are no individual bricks to come loose and break and they are responsibly insulated and delivered in one piece.

Will you come to my private island in the South Pacific to show me how to use it? (or was that a dream?)

Yes. Wood Stone chefs are available for private consultations and training.  Call the factory for pricing and availability.

What else besides pizza can I cook in the oven?

Wood Stone ovens are known best for pizza but they cook everything else that you can imagine and cook it better!

How long does it take to heat up the oven?

Depending on your oven model, it takes an average of 3-4 hours to heat up your oven from cold.  Our Bistro models are now available with start-up timers so you can set your oven to turn on so it’s ready to go when you need it. We like to take advantage of the heat-up time to roast peppers, mushrooms, onions and greens for pizza toppings.

How much gas does it use to run it?

A common question our customers ask is regarding Utility Requirements so they can correctly size the gas line for the ovens.

Natural Gas:
If you have a Bistro 4343 you’ll be burning approximately 80,000 BTUs per hour during the heat up period and 30,000 BTU’s after that to maintain the temperature, (roughly 35 cents per hour).

Liquid Propane:
For the heat-up period the Bistro 4343 will burn roughly 1 gallon of LP per hour and 1/3 of a gallon after that.

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What do I do if I see crack in my oven floor?

Not a thing, as this is completely normal and expected. Small “crazing” cracks will occur with normal heating and cooling. They will not affect the performance or durability of the oven. If cracks of 1/8″ wide or more develop, contact Wood Stone for evaluation.


Have additional questions? Please call us at the factory to discuss. (800) 578-6836.

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