Please download the Installation & Operation manual for your oven for specific ventilation information as it may vary between models.


Oven Taking Some Time to get to Temperature?

Things to consider before being concerned:

  • Most ovens take 3-4 hours to get to temperatures between 500-600 degrees when heated from cold
  • Is the flame on its highest setting?
  • Do you have an exhaust fan for your oven? What setting is it on?
    • If the flame is pulling hard in the oven and making a loud “wind” sound, the fan may be on too high of a setting. You need to lower the fan speed to the lowest setting that still prevents heat from rolling out of the oven opening (doorway).
    • (For Bistro ovens with heat-shield doors): Open the doors by 2 inches, does the flame soften and become quieter?

* Additional information on outdoor installations can be found in both the Bistro Home and Mountain Home Installation and Operation Manuals.