Mountain Home 5′ (Indoor)

Oven Model
Mountain Home, Mt. Adams 5′

Gas Configuration
Natural Gas with under floor infrared burner and wood burning option

Installation Type
Indoor Installation

Direct connected through the ceiling and roof with a straight pipe, with an exhaust fan connected directly to the end of the duct run.

Oven Order
This Mt. Adams, Mountain Series oven was ordered with a black granite mantle.

Please refer to Mountain Home Configurator to view oven examples with these features.

Customer Customization
This oven was built into a facade wall.  The customer provided the doorway metal trim. The customers also installed a custom panel to cover the oven controls and service panel.  The custom panel allows for proper air flow.

Things to Note

  • Controls mounted remotely on wall to the right of the oven.
  • Custom panel allows for proper air intake.
  • Flame throttle hidden behind left door panel below the mantle. The custom panel will need to remain open during cooking to allow access to oven controls.

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