photography: Diane Padys

Bistro Home 4343 (Indoor)

Oven Model
Bistro Home 4343

Gas Configuration
Natural gas with wood burning option

Installation Type
Indoor Installation

This Bistro oven was direct connected and included a 90 degree angle.  There is an exhaust fan attached to the end of the duct run on the outside of home.

Oven Facade Info
This Bistro oven was ordered with a stainless steel upper front finish and a stainless curved mantle with doors.  The oven was also ordered with a stainless steel storage box. Please refer to our Bistro Home Configurations to view oven examples with these features.

Customer Customization
The customer had a custom stainless steel duct cover made to install above the oven to hide the duct work.

Things to Note
To fit the oven into the kitchen, the oven is 6 inches outside of the house with a watertight box built around it and provides a 1-inch clearance on each side of the oven. The customer also had to have a non-combustible floor installed. This oven was installed into a second story living area with a telescoping crane parked in front of the home.

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