Oven Clearances – Mountain Home Ovens

  • The Mountain Home oven should have a minimum 1″ (25mm) clearance to combustibles from all sides, and 14″ (356mm) clearance to combustibles from the top.
  • If building materials will contact the oven, they must be completely noncombustible.  Please note that standard drywall (or sheet rock) is considered a combustible.
  • If the area directly above the doorway and 6″ (152mm) to each side of the doorway is to be covered with a facade, it must be of a non-combustible material.
  • 1″ (25mm) minimum side clearance to combustibles.  Non-combustible construction may contact the oven and must then maintain 1″ (25mm) clearance to combustibles.
  • Install this oven only on a non-combustible floor which extends at least 36″ (914mm) in front of and 30″ (762mm) to either side of the door.
  • All ovens equipped for stucco application must have a clearance of 36″ (914mm) to combustibles from all sides and the top.

Learn more in the Mountain Home Manual

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