Oven Clearances – Bistro Home Ovens

  1. This appliance must have a minimum 1-inch clearance to combustibles from all sides, 6-inch clearance to combustibles from the top, and 6-inch clearance from the exhaust transition and flue collar. If building a facade that will contact the appliance, use completely non-combustible materials. Any facade wall built above and or 6 inches to either side of the doorway must be of non-combustible construction. Please note that standard drywall (or sheet rock) is considered a combustible.
  2. This appliance must be installed on a non-combustible floor surface (Cet appareil doit être installé sur une surface de plancher non-combustible.) As with any cooking equipment, we suggest that care be taken when choosing the surfaces in front of the appliance to protect them from potential damage from hot, heavy items that may be removed from the cooking chamber.


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