Why Wood Stone?

Cook like the professionals in the comfort of your own home.

Wood Stone Home ovens incorporate all of the same quality features as those available in Wood Stone’s commercial stone hearth oven line. The one distinction: a listing for residential use. Prepare to experience the very same ovens enjoyed by Wolfgang Puck, Bobby Flay, Art Smith, Mario Batali, Nancy Silverton, Tom Colicchio and other world famous chefs.


Wood Stone has been proudly manufacturing stone hearth ovens in Bellingham, WA U.S.A. for the commercial market since 1990. With thousands of installations worldwide, look for Wood Stone ovens at California Pizza Kitchen, Macaroni Grill, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Whole Foods Market and other commercial food service operations near you.

Customer Service.

At Wood Stone, we provide unparalleled service – call and talk to a real person! With Wood Stone you get a lifetime of support, a complimentary cooking class with Wood Stone Home Corporate chefs, continuing education through newsletters, instructional recipe videos, our blog and additional social media channels.

How we’re different…

  • Proprietary Materials: Wood Stone produces highly engineered equipment combined with patented materials and processes to provide premier quality stone hearth cooking equipment.
  • Single Piece Floor and Dome Construction: Wood Stone Home ovens, like our commercial stone hearth ovens, are made with a single piece floor and dome. Monolithic piece construction means more even and consistent cooking.
  • Thickness: Wood Stone Bistro Home ovens have a 3-inch thick floor and dome and our Mountain Home ovens (larger models) have a 4-inch thick floor and dome. The thickness of our materials allows for more thermal mass to be created and stored, requiring less fuel.
  • Dome Height: Wood Stone Home ovens have a high dome ceiling that creates more thermal head space and therefore requires less fuel.
  • Superior Insulating Materials: Because of Wood Stone’s proprietary materials, we are able to minimize the thickness of our insulation, creating a larger cooking surface in a footprint equivalent to other industry options.
  • Quick Heat-Up Time: Wood Stone is the only stone hearth oven manufacturer to offer a heat-efficiency door. Place this accessory into the doorway of the oven, and cut your heat-up time in half.
  • Ease of Installation: Wood Stone Home ovens arrive fully assembled. You can also order your oven “facade-ready” to easily accommodate the addition of finish materials when your oven arrives.
  • Ease of Use: In addition to wood-fired ovens, Wood Stone offers the convenience of a gas-fired fuel option (natural gas and liquid propane). Want to cook with both? No problem, most of our models can accommodate both gas and wood-fired cooking. Our Bistro Home line comes standard with a heat-up timer allowing you to program the oven to turn on at your convenience.
  • Custom Finish Options: A variety of custom finish options are available to help you achieve your design goals.
  • Temperature Reading: Wood Stone Home ovens measure temperature from within the floor (not in the dome). This gives you the most accurate reading of the cooking surface, allowing for greater control and precision.
  • Listed & Approved for Home Use: Built to Wood Stone’s high standards of safety and performance from the ground up for use indoors or outdoors.


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