Wood Stone Chef Endorsements


With a Wood Stone Home oven, you can cook with the same oven favored by world-famous chefs such as Tom Colicchio and Wolfgang Puck. Wood Stone Home ovens are built and engineered to last and mirror the construction of our commercial units but are listed for residential use. Wood Stone has sold thousands of stone hearth ovens around the world – now you can cook like the professionals at home.

Our Wood Stone oven is the heart and soul of my newest restaurant, Colicchio & Sons. It’s prominently installed in the restaurant’s tap room, and everything we serve in that part of the restaurant comes from the oven –from whole Daurade to pizettes to slow-roasted pork shoulder. The chefs love it, the guests love it, and my only regret is that I didn’t get one sooner.”

– Tom Colicchio, Chef/Owner, Craft Restaurants and Colicchio & Sons

If I could only have one piece of cooking equipment in my kitchen, it would be my Wood Stone oven.

Wolfgang Puck (90+ ovens)

I love my Wood Stone Home oven!  I installed it two years ago and I have been so happy with it.  I entertain at my home in the Hamptons often and the oven has become integral to my outdoor cooking for dinner parties. My family and friends look forward to pizza nights and I use it to roast whole fish, chickens, vegetables — everything is better in my Wood Stone. 

Katie Lee, co-host of The Kitchen on Food Network

Stone hearth cooking has had a big surge in popularity over the past couple of decades. And the case could be made that Wood Stone’s wood/gas-fired stone-hearth ovens are a major reason. Whether you’re looking to purchase a stone hearth oven or another piece of specialty equipment – Wood Stone is the company to turn to. I’ve been a fan for over 15 years!

– Kathy Casey President, Kathy Casey Food Studios


Wood Stone Home Testimonials


  • My wife and I appreciate the professional know-how and courteous interactions with Wood Stone during the business of ordering and installing a Bistro oven for our new lake home. A couple of months before installation, we traveled from our place in the Great Smoky Mountains of Eastern Tennessee to Bellingham to spend the day learning and to meet Laura and the Wood Stone team. Thanks so much. Your company has been super professional and easy to work with.

    – Victor & Diana Weals, Kodak, TN – Bistro Home 3030 (WS-BH-3030)

  • Working with Wood Stone has been a wonderful experience. We were welcomed into the Wood Stone family immediately and introduced to as many employees as possible, even spending an afternoon there and enjoying the camaraderie of the company during an employee appreciation lunch. We were given the opportunity to experience what a Wood Stone oven could do and what Wood Stone Corporation meant. I am most appreciative of the commitment Wood Stone has to the owner. We thoroughly enjoyed our day of learning with Laura. It gave us the confidence to experiment with our oven as well as walk away with some valuable and user friendly recipes. The staff has continued to be available to us should questions arise and that has been priceless. The oven itself is wonderful! We use it year round and it never fails to produce the most amazing meals. We have a new level of appreciation for how great everything from lasagna to salmon to prime rib can be. Our guests often rave about the dishes that come out of the oven as they have a different dimension of wonderful. Dinner at home has become an event, not just a meal.

    – Carrie Hewitt, Bellingham, WA – Bistro Home 4343 (WS-BH-4343)

  • I just thought you’d like to know that tonight was another “Wood Stone” dinner here on the Oregon coast. My usual “wow them” meal is sourdough bread followed by cedar planked local salmon and Yukon Gold potatoes all served just as they come out of the oven. Most people have never had hot crusty loaves that they’ve watched bake but the regulars snatch them even before they’ve cooled and dip them in olive oil. The salmon and potatoes are consistently awesome. Truthfully, the far and away best part of the Wood Stone experience is people’s hanging out at the kitchen counter and peering into the oven. That’s just magic. I LOVE IT!!!

    -Barb Fox and John Manca, Gleneden Beach, OR – Bistro Home 3030 (WS-BH-3030) and Bistro Home 4343 (WS-BH-4343)

  • WE LOVE OUR WOOD STONE!!!!!! We entertain often and people are amazed at the pizza, vegetables, seafood and meat dishes that we prepare and serve from our centerpiece oven in our home. We use it at least 2 to 3 times per week and we almost always make it a family affair cooking with our family and friends.

    – Nick Dileo, Glencove, NY – Bistro Home 4343 (WS-BH-4343)

  • Wood Stone ovens are in used both at home in Walla Walla and in Depoe Bay. I am starting to have our old friends in for informal dinners, and the ovens add to the ease and warmth of the evenings. In fact a chicken is ready to pop into the oven for dinner tonight. A good storm hit the coast during the night. Hard rain and winds between 30 and 45MPH are blustering, but even if the lights go out I know the chicken will be delicious. The best thing about taking your class at Wood Stone is the confidence it gives. Learning concepts is such a good way to learn how best to use the Wood Stone.

    – Sonia Schmitt, Walla Walla, WA – Bistro Home 3030 (WS-BH-3030) and Bistro Home 4343 (WS-BH-4343)

  • Our oven brings a whole new dimension to cooking as well as entertaining. We love it and our family and friends are always up for a night at the Read’s. Next week a friend is bringing over two dozen mallards and various other stuff for “wild game nite”. LIFE IS GOOD

    – John and Ellen Read, Hingham, MA – Mt. Chuckanut Gas and Wood-Fired Oven (WS-MH-4-RFG-IR-W)

  • I surround myself with talented, and very opinionated chefs in my business as the principal of an international culinary consulting firm. Our collective experiences come from all areas of the country and all types of cuisines and restaurants. The one thing we can all agree on however, is our love for the kitchen workhorse, The Wood Stone Stone Hearth Oven. This single piece of kitchen equipment gets more recommendations from all of us when talking to other chefs; more than any other piece of equipment we all have worked with. A showpiece in many of our restaurant kitchens, the reliability, product quality, versatility for our menus and the overall consistency in quality service make this Wood Stone oven number one in many of our restaurants as well as our kitchens at home.

    – Claudia Sutherland – Bistro Home 3030 (WS-BH-3030) and Bistro Home 4343 (WS-BH-4343)

  • I have had the good fortune to visit the Wood Stone factory, and what an experience that was! I seriously thought I had transcended to the Land Of Oz. No yellow brick road but plenty of joy and happiness in this land of premium Stone Hearth Ovens. I had never witnessed every employee so happy with their jobs, their working environment, the product lines, or their state-of-the-art-culinary facilities. The quality of the Wood Stone Stone Hearth Oven is the mirror reflecting the joy and ‘pride of ownership thinking’ that is the good fortune of everyone working there. Where else would their President ring a bell for all to hear when another fine Wood Stone product is sold to a lucky recipient? Customer service is personable, helpful, and sincere. Repairs are prompt and efficient – although rarely is a product of this caliber ‘troubled.’ The quality and craftsmanship of Wood Stone Stone Hearth Ovens are two of many reasons to place this oven above all competitors.

    – Claudia Sutherland – Bistro Home 3030 (WS-BH-3030) and Bistro Home 4343 (WS-BH-4343)

  • I wanted to drop you a line and say thanks again for the wonderful class. Before the class I was thinking that I’d fire the oven up once per week and make pizza, but after the class my plans have changed and I think I’ll be using it a LOT more. I’ve even been thinking of different recipes that would do well in there. I can’t wait until the house is finished and I can fire that thing up. Thanks Again.

    – Dean Taylor – Mt. Adams Gas and Wood-Fired Oven (WS-MH-5-RFG-IR-W)

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