Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob

Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob

Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob

Yield: Serves 4


4 ears of corn
4 Tsp. butter, softened
Fleur de Sel, other coarse salt or kosher salt        


Oven Temperature: 520-550 degrees

Carefully open the ears, pulling the husks down to remove the silk.  Soak in cold water for 20- 30 minutes.  Pat dry and spread with butter; then sprinkle with salt.  Fold the husks back over the corn and wrap just  the ends with foil to hold then in place.

 Flame Height: 2

Roast on a sheet pan in the center of the oven for about 8 minutes total, rotating the pan 180’ and turning corn over half way through.

*Flavor the butter if you like.  Garlic, parmesan and fresh thyme leaves is tasty.  Another great combo is cotija cheese, chile powder and fresh lime juice.

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