Utility Requirements

For specific gas and electrical requirements (BTUs, Amps) please download the spec sheet for the oven you are considering in our Products section.

Some general considerations about utility requirements include:

  • Wood Stone gas-fired ovens require a minimum ¾” inside diameter for incoming gas lines and fittings (¾” NPT). It is important that all elbows and connections from the gas supply to the oven also maintain at least ¾”, anything smaller than that can restrict gas flow and impact oven performance.
  • Is the gas pressure too high or too low? Wood Stone ovens require a minimum incoming gas pressure (on NG) of 7” W.C. (water column) and can have up to 14”. Below 7” will affect performance, above 14” will require a regulator before the oven. Please also consider that if the incoming is 7” and there are several other appliances feeding of the same line than the real gas pressure at the oven could be less than 7”. Please coordinate this with your gas installer and give us a call with any questions.

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