Site Prep

Remember a Wood Stone oven is a large and very heavy piece of equipment to move that requires the use of a pallet jack or forklift. It requires a different level of commitment and forethought than a fridge or standard appliance.

You can eliminate many installation challenges by scouting out your path to installation before the oven arrives. Here are some specific considerations:

  • Is the path to the installation easy to navigate?
  • Have you looked at the floor or decking surface you’ll be crossing? Is it even? Is it appropriate for a pallet jack or forklift to cross (do you need to lay down something to protect it?
  • Are there any hidden lips or elevation changes? Even a ½” lip can be a major challenge when you have a 2400lb oven on a pallet jack.
  • Is the door big enough to bring the oven in through? (If not, can you bring it through a window? A skylight? Bring it in before the walls go up?)
  • Are there outdoor obstructions like low hanging branches or indoor obstructions like ceiling fixtures or fans which need to be addressed?

If you have any questions, please give us a call at the factory.  We are here to help!  (800) 578-6836

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